break the bank

to win more at gambling than the casino can pay you

English dictionary. 2014.

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  • break the bank — In gambling, to win from the management the sum fixed as the limit it is willing to lose on any one day • • • Main Entry: ↑bank * * * break the bank phrase to win more at gambling than the casino can pay you Thesaurus: to gamble moneysynonym …   Useful english dictionary

  • Break the Bank — is a title that has been used for three entirely separate American game shows throughout television history.* Break the Bank (1948), the first show in the series * Break the Bank (1976), a completely unrelated show * Break the Bank (1985), the… …   Wikipedia

  • break the bank — ► INFORMAL to cost too much, or spend too much money: »There are insurance policies available that will not break the bank. »There are ways of boosting a traditional business without breaking the bank. Main Entry: ↑break …   Financial and business terms

  • break the bank — ► break the bank informal cost more than one can afford. Main Entry: ↑bank …   English terms dictionary

  • break the bank — (not) break the bank to not be too expensive. And at Ј12.99 a bottle, this is a champagne that won t break the bank …   New idioms dictionary

  • break the bank — win all the money at a casino gambling table He didn t really break the bank but he did win a lot of money …   Idioms and examples

  • break the bank — spend all savings, leave no balance    One more expense this month will break the bank …   English idioms

  • break the bank — to cost too much. Having a winter vacation in the sun without breaking the bank is a dream come true …   New idioms dictionary

  • break the bank — win everything in the fund (Roulette) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • break the bank — verb a) (at a casino etc) To win more money than is available to be paid. b) To exhaust ones financial resources …   Wiktionary

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